Canon Powershot SX500 Review

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This Canon SX500 Review was written to give you a better understanding of this version of the PowerShot, and after you finish reading this review you’ll understand why this the Canon SX500 is perfect if you’re looking for a camera with incredible zoom capabilities and can fit in your pocket.

I bought my Canon SX500 because I was ready to upgrade my camera. I had a tiny point and shoot camera and I didn’t quite want to upgrade to a super professional camera, but I wanted something that could help me take better pictures. The Canon PowerShot SX500 has a 30x zoom lens and can take crystal clear pictures or HD movies. With a 16 megapixel resolution and a Digic 4 processor, the Canon SX500 stands above other cameras in its class because of the ease of use.

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The macro shots are outstanding! It has a low light setting that you can use instead of flash to take incredibly clear pictures, whether you’re indoors our outdoors. If you’re looking for a competitor brand that will provide the same 30x 24mm wide angle zoom lens that even takes great HD videos, you’d be hard pressed to find one that’s not twice the price. For my personal Canon SX500 Review, I give this camera an A+ in the price/value department.

I only found a few minor details about this camera that would qualify as a negative. First, the speed between photos is a bit slow in my opinion. This may be because I was use to the cheap point and click cameras, but when I used the camera to snap sports photos of the kids, I noticed the shutter speed was a split second too slow to get that perfect action shot. My advice if you are planning to purchase a Canon SX500 is to be mindful of the type of shots this camera is good at taking, and tailor your photo shooting accordingly.

canon powershot sx500 is backBefore buying my SX500 I was just like you checking all the reviews and ratings. I kept running into comments like, “this camera feels cheap”. This wasn’t surprising to me at all because Canon is known to be on the cutting edge of technology, and making cameras that are more portable without sacrificing image quality or functionality is something that Canon is known for. What was important in my book was how this camera actually performs. After my purchase, I took a few shots with it and had a smile from ear to ear because the images it took were fantastic.

When you first open up your SX500, the first thing you’ll notice is the weight of the camera. It’s incredibly lightweight yet amazingly sturdy for the build. If you need a camera that you can grab in a second, take outside to snap a quick photo of the dog, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how nice and clear the pictures will come out.

Quick tip: The Canon SX500 is built with the ease of the end user in mind. So, this version of the PowerShot has a great automatic focus feature. However, don’t forget to be aware of your surroundings and time of day because the flash settings are manual so you will have to set them yourself before you snap your shot.

Overall my Canon SX500 Review is positive because even with the slow shutter speed and manual flash settings, the 30x zoom feature is more than enough to make up for those minor details. So if you’re looking for a nice camera that takes great pictures and is not too expensive, then the Canon SX500 would be a perfect fit for you.